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Poised and Passionate. Behind the Brand "Lazy Naturals " with Founder Sheniqka Miller

Poised and Passionate. Behind the Brand "Lazy Naturals " with Founder Sheniqka Miller

When you look around, there is no denying that women are courageously and effortlessly taking over. We are an amazing movement! Poised, driven and passionate, Sheniqka Miller is blazing a path and that path is only going to get brighter.

 I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to learn about this trendsetter who’s building her brand “Lazy Naturals” that inspires women to love their natural tresses.


 Who is Sheniqka?

 I am SHYNE, born Sheniqka Miller on April 24, 1991. I am a Florida native who loves to take long walks on the beach and that's simply because I enjoy moments of solidarity. Maybe it’s my artist heart or loner spirit, but I find myself happiest in peaceful silence. Until recently, I did not label myself as a writer. It’s what I do. But it’s not all that I AM. After experiencing years of writer's block, I am back at it with a whole new outlook on life. I am still an artist but my focus is on writing. I have gone through so much in life that it has revolutionized me. I have found myself removing all that may distract me from my greatest passions. Now I must write to release negative energies. It is my verbal therapy. It is a part of me. When I step on the stage, it is an invitation for all listeners to join me on the lyrical journey as I speak. 

  How did you get started on your natural hair journey?

 My hair suffered years of wear and tear from using harmful chemicals such as the relaxer. At age 22, my hair was a limp mess. My ends were split horribly. My roots were thinning to the point that braiding along my edges would rip out strands of weakened hair. I was at a loss. Thus, I decided to research! Given my first mistake of naively diving head first into a hair situation without knowing its consequences, extreme caution was used this time around. I wanted to know the right way to nurture my hair to its natural state. I discovered the terms: BC (Big Chop), transitioning, TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), etc. Much like other newbies to the natural world, I did not know what these terms signified. In due time, I became familiar with all three.


What is the idea behind Lazy Naturals?

 To all my lazy naturals out there, finally we will have an outlet to express our experiences of becoming natural, to open the dialogue of being a lazy natural with more inspiring queens on their own natural hair journey, as well as creating a new platform that truly honors all natural hair at it most natural state with little to no altering and manipulation. Lazy naturals: because you do less to show your beauty does not undermine your greatness. Lazy naturals are gorgeous and confident. There lies beauty in simplicity!


 What inspires you to empower creatives?

The secret to understanding real growth in all aspects of your life is to seek guidance from those like-minded individuals who have sojourned on the roads before you. The lessons bestowed upon me ranged from hair care tips, to the importance of being gentle with your spirit, back to the different techniques of caring for my type of hair. Because of their transparency, a Diva was found! Inspired by this, I decided to use my light to strike a flame in another Queen as these women have done for me. We lose no shine at all by shining light on others.

What is the one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?

I have a profound love for THEATER!! I would love to start delving into screenwriting! Something I have been sitting on. I may embark on that journey soon. The buck does not stop here!


 Have you always embraced your hair type? Or did it take time?

 As a young girl, I never gave it much thought of what it meant to be natural. Yes, I had identity issues. Like many of our misled African-American youth, I looked to the European styles depicted in all forms of media to compare myself to. The media, (then and now), commonly portrays the look of straight and sleek hair as the image of beauty. Looking at my tough and kinky coils, I begged and pleaded with my mother to purchase a relaxer: (“the creamy crack”). After relaxing my coils at age 10, my life drastically changed. I simply could not identify and accept myself as being beautiful just the way I was. Much like my relaxed hair, I became conditioned to believe that my natural hair was too different than what society deemed worthy of being celebrated. This is our sad truth as Black women within a society that tells us that we must alter what we were born with to be accepted as beautiful. I did not know how to properly care for my own coils. I was too afraid and too self-conscious to learn. Over time, it would take witnessing the severe damage I was subjecting my hair to before I built up the courage to discover the secret to unlocking the inner Queen I’d harbored inside.


What advice would you like to impart to new naturals or transitioners?

On my own natural hair journey, I discovered that for me, it did not take much to show the proper love and care my hair needed and deserved. The first change I had to make was inside. Self-love needs to be present first! I channeled the energy I built to give myself more love by creating a simple regimen that I could stick to. With less hassle and expectation, I would nurture my hair and let her do her thing. My advice: accept yourself at its raw state and love her regardless! Self-love is the best love!


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